Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Centre (ISBCC)

Posted on November 23, 2016

On Saturday night, we visited the ISBCC. It was a vast and beautiful masjid. When we arrived, a brother said salam and gave us the necessary information about the prayer room for sisters, restroom, etc. I don’t know how he recognizes the newcomer, maybe because our face was not familiar in this masjid.

Not like usual masjid which divides the room between women and man, women can pray together with the man in the same place without any border here. However, they dedicate the third floors for women only. I guess if they have the event with many people or if there is a sister who feels not comfortable enough to do prayer in the same room with the man, they can use that room. At that night, all sisters and I did Isha prayer behind the brothers in the main room.

Before prayer, I talked with some sisters. They just finished the Quran/tajweed class with Syeikh. Sofie and Lily made friends quickly with other children. My husband also has a good conversation with several brothers. They were friendly with new people and welcoming us with hospitality.

After prayer, we tried some food and beverages in the cafeteria. That’s what I ever imagine about masjid in America. The place that we can spend our time with friends with joyful and also enjoy the halal food every day!

Moreover, they also have an Islamic store that opens every time. We can find any hijabs, Islamic books, prayer mats, many Islamic accessories, perfumes, and small groceries like sugar, honey, candy, snacks, etc. Nice store with a kind shopkeeper!

Almost forget, they also have an Islamic School in this building! For pre-K until 7th grades. And Islamic youth community too.

We enjoyed our time in this masjid. And I think this masjid can be an excellent prototype masjid everywhere. Hope in the future ODU masjid can serve people as good as theirs!


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