Celebrated Eid Adha in Indonesia

Today we celebrate Eid Adha, a feast of sacrifice. It starts with Arafat fasting, which we did a day before the festival. It is also the day when the pilgrims stand on the plains of Arafah for pray. After breakfasting we say Takbir or “Allahu Akbar,” that means Allah is the greatest, either alone or together, at home or at the masjid, quietly or loudly.
In the morning, we wake up early around 4:30 am to prepare for eid prayer. We start with Fajr pray then have a quick shower. We wear our best clothes and skip our breakfast until the eid prayer done.

Because the place for doing eid prayer is close to our house, we went there by walking. Then we did two rakaah eid prayer continued with listening to the eid sermon. After that we went home, had breakfast and get ready for the feast festival.

Usually, the festival is held by masjid, Islamic groups or school. Almost every neighborhood in Indonesia have their own masjid, so usually, people will gather to the masjid in their neighborhood. In our neighborhood masjid, we sacrifice 4 cows and 4 goats. People will work together to slaughter the cattle, clean and cut the meat then distribute them to all people in that neighborhood and the needy people.

While the men were working with the cut and distribute the meat, the women were cooking some of the meat for the festival. During those time snacks, beverages, fruits, including ice cream served. After all the meat packed and the food cooked, everyone will sit and eat together. Then we all cleaned and did Dhuhur pray together.
Happy Eid Mubarak!


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